Border’s Books "From the Left"

I was somewhat amused that Borders considers Scott McClellan a liberal. His book appears in their list of books “From the Left” that I saw  in a Borders Rewards email,  under Politics.

“Books from a Liberal Perspective” is what comes up when you click ,  under “More Politics” the choice of “From the Left” vs the “From the Right” choice,  and there is McLellan’s book.  Obviously there because his book is creating grief for the White House. 

Books from a Liberal Perspective – Borders – Books, Music and Movies

I guess the “editor” for political books doesn’t have a whole lot of political knowledge,  or it may also be that the books are positioned to the audience who reads them.  But then,  the designation “Books from a Liberal Perspective”  is woefully inadequate.  It’s more like “Books Popular with a Liberal Perspective”.  Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

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