more from #MLK and the #OWS via @tikkunonline by @bescofield

<A HREF=””> Widgets</A> Be Schofield’s article I blogged about earlier includes this assesment of MLK’s “final campaign” (the Poor People’s March)  : King had developed several goals in his final campaign, which may or may not inspire the OWS movement. He had hoped the Poor People’s Campaign would achieve direct employment through a massive public works program, a guaranteed annual Continue Reading

Post Literate Society

When people turn away from informing themselves,  and instead turn to the tube or the airwaves,  and further,  turn to what I call intellectual ghettos (the constructed echo chambers of “tasty morsels” presented in a format more akin to entertainment than that of “literate” , learned , informed education),  then we get this “black hole” in the public where smears Continue Reading

Suskind and The Enlightenment

I was a taken down a notch in my enthusiasm for Suskind’s book ,  when,  at Part 3,  about 113 pages in,  he has something that is like a celebration of the Age of Reason ,  and pits it against the “faith” approach.  He says that the two are compatible,  but it is clear that for him,  “reason” is the Continue Reading

Suskind’s Book Excellent

Before I turn in tonight,  I’ve been reading (about 100 page so far), Ron Suskind’s book The Way of the World,  and it is excellent.  It is much more than a story about the workings of the Bush White House and its efforts to get its way,  but it is also a story of the attempts of several families and Continue Reading

Suskind interviewed on NPR about New findings re: false premises for Iraq war

The title of this NPR feature (“Ron Suskind Alleges War Fought On False Premises”)  is pretty lame.  It’s old news.  The news is that he has something else.  There are very few who will read this,  or listen to NPR,  that don’t already assume this.  The important thing here is the specifics,  that here is YET ANOTHER bit of evidence Continue Reading

When they have nothing else to say

Then there’s character assassination.  That’s the only thing they can throw at it,  since they have NOTHING to answer with.  Ron Suskind with a new book ,  with still more on the liars known as the Bush administration, is the newest target of the character assasination that is used on whistleblowers who add towhat is seeming like an almost daily Continue Reading