Movable Type 3.2 No Longer Notifies Me

When I upgraded to MT 3.2, all seemed well, but my notification emails I used to get when a new comment or trackback was received is now no longer working. (Update: Monday night….it works now! they had a power outage at my host —first time that’s happened! Maybe that VERY HARD reboot is what did the trick, or there’s also Continue Reading

Trying to figure out StyleCatcher

I’m having a hack of a time trying to get StyleCatcher working. Anybody know what directory needs permissions? My StyleCatcher Plugin is under my /mt/plugins/StyleCatcher the themes folders are under /mt/mt-static/themes whenever I try to apply a selected theme in StyleCatcher, I get this error: “Could not create theme-april_showers folder – Check that your ‘themes’ folder is webserver-writable” Update: I Continue Reading

wBloggar Errors

I just installed wbloggar4, but it seems to have a problem with MT 316, or at least my installation. After filling in my and /movtyp/mt-xmlrpc.cgi and sending my name and password, I get: w.bloggar – 1072896659 Unable to parse the XML response. Parser Reason: Invalid at the top level of the document. I am trying to connect to an Continue Reading

Blog Spell Checker?

I have been typing so badly lately; I need a spell checker for my blogging. I use either IE6+ or Firefox 1.0 (trying to use Firefox and Sage more and more….I like Firefox/Sage’s RSS reader.) But my blog entries are getting mistyped a lot; and I am embarassed when my references to blogs that have trackback show my mispellings, so Continue Reading

Quotation style text

I just noticed that the font in my quotation boxes changes if the quote runs more than one paragraph. Why is this? Here’s the CSS: blockquote { margin: 9px; background-color:#CCCCCC; padding-top: 9px; padding-right: 9px; padding-left: 9px; padding-bottom: 9px; } and there’s this section: .content blockquote { line-height: 150%; } There are p tags inside these blockquote sections (the gray backgrounds) Continue Reading

MT Comment Registration

I turned on the option: Accept Comments from Registered Visitors added my TypeKey Token, but still get the following error: Comment Submission Error – Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Registration is required. Please correct the error in the form below, then press Post to post your comment. What is happening? UPDATE (1pm CST) I replaced all my Continue Reading

Comments Back Open

I now can take comments again (until they figure out how to deal with redirects, which may take them a while). I did away with the usual javascript popups, and sent the request to an intermediate page that traps any requests that aren’t originating from my blog. update: They don’t work…..I never tried an actual comment. I’m not getting the Continue Reading

Comments and Blogs Conundrum

After finally successfully upgrading my MT 2.66 to 3.1.21, I have had commenting problems. I had been under the impression that one of MT3’s major advantages was that it had builtin solutions for comment handling. But after MT-Blacklist failed to work when I installed it, I tried the TypeKey Authentication, which also did nothing; NADA. So I am now operating Continue Reading

MT 311 upgrade messed with my main blog

This is crazy. I set up a brand new subdirectory (mt31), and copied my movtyp directory (where my 2661 version is running) and made a copy of my database, and pointed the mt.cfg file I copied into my new mt31 directory. I then uploaded all the files from my download of the mt311 upgrade , and made sure that mt.cfg Continue Reading