Titans Stink

They’re 7 and 6,  against what looks to me to be the weakest schedules in the NFL.  They’re struggling offensively against the 31st ranked Chiefs defense.  And they are nauseatingly conservative already,  after moving down the field with absolute ease on their first possession. They just allowed the chiefs to convert a 3rd and 14 on a 7 yard play Continue Reading

Two runs into the line from your own 2 in OT?

That adds up to a loss due to idiotic play calling.  Titans are now on the outside looking in for postseason.  They have Indy left AT Indy,  which will be tough unless Indy has no stake in the game,  but realistically the Titans will be 9-7 if they get the job done on the other two.  POOR, POUROUS 4th quarter Continue Reading

We Can’t Help Making Predictions

OK, after weeks of stunning upsets in College football,   I still see people making their picks (now it’s West Virginia/Kansas).  And why not?   They’re the favorites now, in control of their own destinies.  But I fully expect to see the Big 12 knock each other out (Oklahoma could well knock off that  KU-Mizzou winner,  thus keeping out the Big 12 Continue Reading

The Easy Scenario-Maybe?

If LSU wins out and Kansas OR Oklahoma OR Missouri win out,  then it’s LSU vs the Big 12 winner. The other teams,  Ohio State, West Virginia, Georgia,  and Arizona State have to hope for Oklahoma to lose one of their last two games and then beat Mizzou or Kansas,  effectively knocking the Big 12 threesome out (by then,  Kansas Continue Reading

The Muddy Football Championship Picture

I’ve watched things in College Football more than I ever have in my life this year.  If LSU loses the game they just started ,  then does West Virginia step into their spot (assuming they beat Cincinnati,  which is no gimme,  and it is IN Cincinnati).  If WVa  loses ,  then Ohio State may be the opponent for the Big Continue Reading

Hold the Presses! Patriots are Romping the Dolphins!

Are these NFL sportscasters really thinking that anyone is surprised? Do they really think that the rest of the NFL fans OTHER than Patriots fans are interested in endless “analysis” and “Wow!” on the Patriot’s intiail run this year?  I am saying NOTHING about how good they look. They look great.  But after so much,  I’m just not interested anymore,  Continue Reading