The Easy Scenario-Maybe?

If LSU wins out and Kansas OR Oklahoma OR Missouri win out,  then it’s LSU vs the Big 12 winner. The other teams,  Ohio State, West Virginia, Georgia,  and Arizona State have to hope for Oklahoma to lose one of their last two games and then beat Mizzou or Kansas,  effectively knocking the Big 12 threesome out (by then,  Kansas OR MIzzou will have lost to the other).  Wet Virginia is the next highest ranked team.  They play tonight in Cincinnati.  If they fall,  and Georgia (if they win out and if Tennessee loses tonight or next week against Kentucky)  beats LSU in the championship, then their SEC championship might get them ahead of Arizona State EVEN if State wins out (which is not a certainty….State plays USC tonight.

Still crazy.  The LSU/Big 12 matchup is the favorite right now.  (LSU is getting played tough by Ole Miss,  and then they have Arkansas in LSU next week)

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