We Can’t Help Making Predictions

OK, after weeks of stunning upsets in College football,   I still see people making their picks (now it’s West Virginia/Kansas).  And why not?   They’re the favorites now, in control of their own destinies.  But I fully expect to see the Big 12 knock each other out (Oklahoma could well knock off that  KU-Mizzou winner,  thus keeping out the Big 12 all together,  and opening the door for Ohio State.  West Virginia also has 2 games to play,  against #20 UConn,  and then Pittsburgh (UConn seems to be no pushover).  If WVa loses, then if Ky. beats Tennessee and Georgia beats Ga. Tech,  getting the Dogs into the SEC championship and they win there,  they could be the opponent against Ohio State.  That would be wild.  Even the favorites right now, W.Va/Kansas would be a totally unpredictable BCS championship.

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