The Muddy Football Championship Picture

I’ve watched things in College Football more than I ever have in my life this year.  If LSU loses the game they just started ,  then does West Virginia step into their spot (assuming they beat Cincinnati,  which is no gimme,  and it is IN Cincinnati).  If WVa  loses ,  then Ohio State may be the opponent for the Big 12 winner ?  Or if LSU loses the SEC championship game for their second loss (assuming that  someone Oklahoma doesn’t LOSE one of their remaining schedule games and then WIN the Championship game (if that’s even possible…..if Texas doesn’t win if they win out and Oklahoma loses one game Yes, just read that Oklahoma has the tie breaker,  so they can lose one and still be in the championship.  So if they win the conference as a two-loss team,  that knocks out Kansas or Mizzou,  and they are out of the BCS championship themeselves.   If Kansas loses one of their schedule games,  and then wins the championship game,  I don’t know if they get into the BCS Championship,  since their schedule was not so great,  and one of the other teams just below them may leapfrog them when they lose.  (They won’t even be able to be in the championship if they lose to Missouri,  since that puts Missouri in it instead of them.  Then we have Georgia. If they win the SEC?  Who would have thought?  But this is IF Tennessee loses.  Arizona State possibly if Georgia fails in this scenario. But for Arizona State,  LSU would have to lose THIS week,  since the other game LSU could lose might be to Georgia in the SEC championship,  which might put Georgia ahead of them (winning the SEC)  I don’t know how all the points line up.   This is,  as Johnny Carson would say,  “wild, wacky stuff”

(Update: looks like Tennesee is stumbling bigtime….it’s 24-9 Vanderbilt in Nashville—-we don’t get to see it….pay per view!  Not gonna pay it)

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