A Long Month

I’ve had a long month in many ways.  The first couple of weeks was my son’s last high school days,  and lots of anxiety on my part about finishing well (he did….I was a real tool to worry about it….he did a 4.0 for the final six weeks and a 3.8 for the semester,  and finished 3.08 for the high Continue Reading

Netflix Sidebar

I hope to find a way to pull a list of a “filtered” version of the “At Home” list….since often there are movies that are choices of my 9 year old daughter, kelli,  or my 18-year old son, Brian,  or my wife Janet.  Right now,  the three movies are one from each of those,  and none are ones I will Continue Reading

Good bye to an old companion and hello to new

 Tuesday,  I made the jump from one “companion” to another:  from my 96 Acura Integra which I bought used with 60k miles (my brother works at an Acura dealer,  and I have always loved Integras,  and they’re Honda engines and parts, too.  So the Integra is basically a slightly more sporty Civic/Accord).  It had now amassed , over 6 years Continue Reading

Mini vacation

This from David Weinberger is funny Joho the Blog: Ten reasons vacations are worse than real life also this: Modern definition of vacation: Working in a nicer spot. Friday night we took a “mini” vacation, consisiting in driving 170 miles north to Bardstown , KY to see The Stephen Foster Story (he’s the dude that wrote a ton of songs Continue Reading