Bullet Through the House

Yesterday my son called me and said something along the lines of “This morning,  before I woke up,  something weird happened.  Some things came down from the wall,  and I wiped some dust from my face.  Later,  when I got back from picking up my check at work,  I saw a hole in my wall.  I looked at it,  and it went all the way outside.  And on the other side of the room,  there was a hole”.

I said that I was on my way.  I called the police as I started back and told them what my son had reported.  It turns out that a kid who is about 14 got out a deer rifle and was messing around with it,  which included putting in bullets,  and the gun went off,  shooting the bullet through the kitchen window of their house,  across their back yard and into ours about 7 feet from the floor in my son’s room above his bed in which he slept,  and through an Ohio State blanket he had pinned up above his bed.  The trajectory was slightly upward,  and it started into the ceiling and was cutting a groove when it hit a ceiling stud and bounced back downward and into the wall at the corner,  and into one of the studs. 

At a distance of what I can guess would be about 150 to 200 feet,  the angle at which the gun was when it went off would not have had to be too much different to make the point of entry about 5-6 feet lower,  which would have been right where my son slept.  Scary thought.  Pics below.

The blanket still hanging to the right had been pinned up and the bullet went through the upper left corner of the blanket, knocking it off the wall with the pin still in it.  The second pic below is a close-up of the hole.  The third is the corner at the end of the opposite wall,  where you can see the groove in the ceiling,  and the end of the groove where the bullet hit the stuff and bounced back downward and into the wall. 


IMG_8580 IMG_8581


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