Good bye to an old companion and hello to new

96 Integra Tuesday,  I made the jump from one “companion” to another:  from my 96 Acura Integra which I bought used with 60k miles (my brother works at an Acura dealer,  and I have always loved Integras,  and they’re Honda engines and parts, too.  So the Integra is basically a slightly more sporty Civic/Accord).  It had now amassed , over 6 years since I got in March 2001 (within 5 days to the day) , another 113,000 miles (driving from LaVerge to downtown Nashville 5 days a week,  40-45 miles round trip, and also on trips to Cincinnati every 3 months or so,  plus a couple to D.C. and St. Louis)  I was hoping that now that there is no more owed on this car,  I could stretch it to 250k or so,  or even 300k?  But in December the AC  went out (compressor = around 900 dollars with installation).  Front disc brakes due any day (probably the next oil change).  Major tuneup due within 6-7k miles (including the timing belt change #2)  ,  another thousand.  2007 civicSo,  with $2000 looming, and the risk of further expenses like other likely-to-start breaking items like transmission, ball joints,  etc., which is exactly what happened after I poured about 3 grand into my 88 Civic between 180k and and 205k—and ended up having the engine having major problems and to my trading it in on the Integra—-this time,  we figured it time to start wearing out a new Civic.  So now we have two Civics,  a 97 (with 120k) and an 07. 

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