What We Witness via Faith, Economy, Ecology, Transformation

Found this site on a Google search of Ecology, Theology.  Sounds theologically consistent with what I has formed in me regarding a theological perspective of both the Occupy Movements and now , The People’s Climate movement ,  after the big happenings in NY prior to the UN Summit,  and in my reading Naomi Klein’s excellent new book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate,  which ties together nicely with the natural outgrowth of The Climate Crisis consciousness from the realizations of the Global economy and the U.S. ever growing income  inequality, with all its effects on not only people’s incomes,  but on the prospects for averting exponentially escalating climate upheaval.

We Witness:

  • The destructive power of a growth-driven economic model that ignores Earth’s limits and its need to rest and regenerate.
  • The valuing of money and material goods more than humans and ecosystems.
  • The inherent violence of an economy that grows along with the wealth of a few individuals and corporations while the natural world and human well being – the clearest signs of God’s bounty – suffer and deteriorate.
  • The use of international financial institutions, corporate lobbying and marketing, think tanks, major media and military force to secure the wealth and power of a small part of society while a great many others, especially women and people of color are often excluded.
  • “Free trade” and economic globalization that increase ecological depletion and leave masses of people vulnerable through deeper poverty and insufficient access to food, water, education and health care.
  • The loss of people, cultures, species and traditional knowledge forced aside as our lives are dominated by a world view that seeks economic growth regardless of the consequences;
    Soul-deadening over-consumption and the endless quest for “more” that paralyzes far too many people in wealthier societies.

via What We Witness | Faith, Economy, Ecology, Transformation.


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