the theologically savvy army of database geeks that are thus far UNTAPPED by Church Comm orgs

I’m doing a lot more book reading lately,  and I post things that occur to me as I read.  Amazon could REALLY do with some big-time enhancements and apps to help communities of book readers form and converse.  One can go and find comments under nearly all of their books,  but there is nothing to enable deeper connection with people who read similar books.  They do this with sales,  and show us recommendations of books we might like ,  given our interest in a particular book.  Seems this is yet another area where the church communication organizations need to research. Another of those “Social Graph for Theological Communities” issues I am frequently writing and talking about.  These generalized community platforms don’t have the experience and knowledge re: theological taxonomies that are needed to build effective Social Graphs that would help us to leverage connections that await all of us in the mounds of data that get captured by Social Graphs of not just Facebook but others who seek to find a winning recipe of data-intensive social insights that need only to be mined by the theologically savvy army of database geeks that HAVE TO EXIST out there but have remained untapped by church technologists.


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