How to live in customer heaven or rot in customer hell

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The Future of Blogging, In Their Own Words, Part II is the 3 Clutrain Bloggers, Doc, David Weinberger, and Rage Boy (Chris Locke)

My favorite quote: Talking about some of his favorite “Corporate Bloggers”, Doc says:

These aren’t corporate orifices shitting messages. These are the top guys, speaking for themselves, and with remarkably little filtration, even by their own manners or good sense.

Locke: people need a place to BE people, with all the unique concerns, joys, sorrows, hopes, fears, passions, delusions, depressions, epiphanies, and those hugely various sorts of things that we have, qua human beings.

Weinberger: there will be thousands of bloggers who are read for the same reasons we read columnists. They’ll range from A-List national political commentators to people in your community who always have a funny take on the high school sports team

All of this is their basic Cluetrain emphasis on voice, authenticty, and personal stories. Why I like reading these guys is that I often get a fresh set of “business points” to add to my “oral proposals” ; the various times when I get an opportunity to pitch to someone why blogs would provide an opportunity for doing X more effectively.

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