Blogging with Friends

In his “Readers and Friends” entry on Monday, David Weinberger gave several angles on how writing Blogs is akin to our efforts to Make friends and also the comfortable zone of talking with friends, where we can be feel more free to wear our passion on our sleeve. And , as I usually segway with such things, such is the case with Theological-based Communities. Churches and such need to jump on opportunities like this to enable a wider-spread capability to get to know one another.

from the Weinberger post:
Yes, I read a bunch of blogs written by people I don’t particularly like, but I am asserting (without evidence) that the bloggers are writing for people who do like them.

I relate this to the Church not as just “a tip from the secular world”, but as a piece of the REASON why theological communities NEED to BE in the first place: to experience The other and to experience our interdependency, which I believe is a necessity for us to know the kind of collaboration in mission that God calls us to TOGETHER.

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