I know, I’m WAY too INTO this

My last post shows how I am ,  in light of my previous posts in praise of the conversations about Obama’s “Change you can believe in” and Charlie Pardue’s post and David Fitch’s post and the comments,  WAY too interested in all this Obama vs Hillary stuff.

But I can’t help LIKING Obama and NOT wanting Hillary to remain viable.  With her representing the Republican’s best hope,  I just want her out of the way.  Because that’s what she represents now.  She is IN THE WAY. She looks like she is going to lose anyway (again,  DELEGATES),  so this extension of the campaign is only inviting more of the vile she is digging up.  This “phone ringing” stuff does the work of the Rove/Bush/Cheney machine.  The NAFTA thing with the Canadians is SO overblown (and Obama sort of screwed himself there by appearing to want to hide that,  which may well have kept her alive).

I see myself as much more interested in getting rid of the imposters and master compromisers that keep the political process in a stalemate.  Hillary’s “experience” shows me nothing but compromise and swaying with the wind (she was never critical of Iraq until public opinion started swaying in that direction.)  Of course,  there is idealism in this idea that we can “get rid” of compromise and expose all corruption.  But I want to see some improvement there,  and some accountability brought to bear.   I want Obama to be able to run a general campaign and let that have a shot,  and I also want to keep asking the questions being asked in the discussion about the “distractions” of our national politics from the work of the church,  and perhaps more into just what it is that is the proper “Christian witness to the State” (to use Yoder’s book title,  which I am now reading)

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