Occupied Bishop: Wall Street Feeds Off of Everyone #occupytheology

This retired Episcopal bishop, George Packard,  has been blogging about his advocacy for the Occupy Movement.  He quotes from the “Tidal”  ,  an Occupy journal:

We wouldn’t be here if Wall Street fed off itself; we are here because it is feeding off everyone.


Another choice bit from Tidal:

If the phantoms of Wall Street are confused by our presence in their dream, so much the better.

Yes,  they are “confused”.  Police and authorities are like chickens with their heads cut off,  running around,  amassing,  dispersing,  indiscrimiantely “going off” with pepperspray, batons,  and metal barriers on peaceful protesters.  And they blare on their bullhorns warnings that these are “unlawful assemblies”.  Huh?  What’s unlawful about “assemblies”?  In NYC,  Occupy is being called back to assembly yet again,  on Dec. 17 on property owned by Trinity Church.  Bishop Packard is hoping Trinity will look the other way and let the masses amass.  Trinity Church should show  some solidarity with the movement’s dream rather than the so -called “American dream” which is being completely turned on its head by the government’s attempts to usurp the movement’s attempts to take it back.

Yes,  Wall Street and all it’s collaborative pieces in the 1% ,  “feed off of everybody”.  Lawrence Lessig said to Jon Stewart last night that it’s actually the .05% who exchange all the political money.  (BTW,  excellent conversation there on The Daily Show.  Lessig  is amazing.  The audience applauded him 2 or 3 times after some of the things he said.


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