Occupy Wall St. – Žižek’s Act or Badiou’s Event? #occupytheology

From The Church and PostModern Culture.  Excellent.

Badiou calls these eruptions ‘events’, an event (in this case a political event) is the revealing or acknowledging of something within the situation that had not been previously represented by the state, and not only not represented by also repressed by the state.  In this way, an event disrupts the smooth functioning of the state when political subjects decide in favor of an event (i.e. that OWS exists) which calls for theirs involvement in declaring and discerning the event’s consequences within the political situation. This fidelity to an event puts into positive circulation what had been previously excluded by the state, calling into existence what the state did not allow.  In this way, a political truth (or truth-event) always works its way through particular subjects, faithful to a singular event, investigating its results and connections. — 


and even further in:

That Jesus kingdom is not of this world resonates well with OWS persistence that its is not an ordinary social movement.  But this other-(than politics as usual)-worldliness has not been the sole purview of social movements for some (unfortunately not most) corners of the church have practices an alternative political formation for quite some time.

What you think, people?  Seems to be a lot of “theological appreciation” and resonance here.

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