Judson Memorial Church Gives Full Support to OWS Movement #occupytheology

When the Occupy Wall Street movement began in September, Judson was one of the first churches to openly support and join with protesters. The church works with other denominations in providing multi-faith services on Sunday afternoons. On Oct. 9, Judson joined with other clergy in carrying a golden calf named Greed around Wall Street. The calf was meant to remind people of the Continue Reading

Occupied Bishop: Wall Street Feeds Off of Everyone #occupytheology

This retired Episcopal bishop, George Packard,  has been blogging about his advocacy for the Occupy Movement.  He quotes from the “Tidal”  ,  an Occupy journal: We wouldn’t be here if Wall Street fed off itself; we are here because it is feeding off everyone. http://bishopsnotebook.blogspot.com/2011/12/what-occupy-is-read-tidal.html Another choice bit from Tidal: If the phantoms of Wall Street are confused by our presence Continue Reading

Re: Occupy movement – Roger Ebert’s Journal

Roger Ebert with a really good, articulate reflection on his feelings re: Occupy Republicans as well as Democrats should be fed up with the rot in our financial system. It should be apparent to them that the Republican Party is the legislative wing of Wall Street theft. Populists are called socialists, but then “socialism” is always the term aimed at Continue Reading