What’s this “not-yet-come-into-focus serendipitous convergence feeling”?

I’m having one of those feelings/experiences of being on the cusp of some not-yet-come-into-focus serendipitous convergences, sitting here in my air-conditioned office at home, with technology (Internet at 300 mbps, Tricaster based studio, 4k camera, a couple of older regular old HD consumer cameras) and books (Bible, theology books), and seemingly waiting for a word: Something to “lure” me through Continue Reading

The Facebook Graph API Explorer found something for me

I discovered that I could get data from my Facebook timeline with the elements I want (like the links and pictures included, which the “Download ALL my Facebook” says it is doing but really doesn’t). I used the Graph API Explorer under ny account. It generates a token for me. When I do a query like so: /myID/posts?fields=story,link,message,picture,description,permalink_url,created_time&limit=9900 I get Continue Reading

How far down the road can we look if we don’t look at today?

“Until a century or so ago, concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had been steady at around 260 to 280 parts per million for thousands of years. By last spring we raced past 410 parts per million and CO2 concentrations continue to steadily increase.” http://ow.ly/8JvY30f5YUb And , for me, I wonder just how long down this road we , as Continue Reading

super theological-techological nerdy places

I’m in one of those super theological-techological nerdy places today (one of those “places” of the mind/spirit) where I have, as a result, a deep sense of exile from the church AND techno-nerdism, since the two “places” rarely ever meet in either of the “other’s” domain. This really started in full form when I began working in denominational Web departments Continue Reading

The Web has caught some of that “emptiness virus” over the years

25 years ago,  and for about 10 years after that,  the Web was a REALLY exciting place. Electric, vivacious, energetic,  full of hope and possibility.  It still is,  but it has been “contaminated” with what contaminates nearly everything that becomes ubiqutous: the kind of “anomie” that seems to come with mass-anything.  Social Media has been both a blessing and a curse.  In the Continue Reading

Amazon missing key book possibilities

Keeping books locked down as they do is keeping Amazon from realizing some really great apps for “Socializing” the discussion of books online.   I have been Tweeting and Facebook posting quotes from the books Ive been reading on my Kindle Fire for the past couple years.  But I am constantly frustrated by the absence of that SHARE feature on Continue Reading

And so it begins…seemingly…CBS TV follows HBO in announcing streaming “cord-cutting”

On the heels of yesterday’s news that HBO is planning a standalone streaming service, CBS announced this morning that’s it’s preparing to debut a streaming service of its own, called “CBS All Access.” via CBS Announces Its Own Live TV And Streaming Service, CBS All Access | TechCrunch. I’ll be SO GLAD to see Cable’s balls handed to them.  As Leo Continue Reading

“Conversations can no longer be controlled. They can only be joined”

“Conversations can no longer be controlled. They can only be joined”-Randall Rothenberg in #TheFacebookEffect by @davidkirkpatric — Dale Lature (@dlature) September 8, 2014   I tweeted the above Randall Rothenberg (president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the trade association for interactive marketing in the U.S)   quote from “The Facebook Effect” yesterday after I heard it in the audio Continue Reading

Net Freedom is CRUCIAL for Church Communications

One of my MANY frustrations with the church is another in the series of adoptions of the “ways of the world” via the Mass Media Model.  To stand idly by and say nothing as companies like Comcast and Time Warner monopolize the broadband market and work to prevent municipalities who have their own ideas about what would be good for Continue Reading

To understand how the brain works will also take a new dimension to our thinking; yet also possible.

My stated lone objection to Kurzweil’s #Singularity thesis is that despite the obvious continuing advancement in computer capability and affordability,  simply reverse engineering the human brain still leaves us short of understanding how the brain (or “person”) takes the activity that we can measure or sense with imaging technology,  and act upon that (although we can undoubtedly also measure the Continue Reading

The #Singularity: Life Saving and Extending Technologies

The following article is one I just posted to a site aimed at Boomer and Seniors.  I thought that since I have been so struck by “The Singularity”, I might as well ride that enthusiasm and thought inspiring train into one of my duties for a part time job I have.  The Singularity seems to be a hopeful scenario for Continue Reading

Advances in tech most exciting to me in the area of “Social”; more so than in prospects for “approximating the brain/mind”

The “exponential growth” of computer technology is most immanently apparent to me in the area of communications rather than the focus of Zurzweil in “The Singularity is Near”.  We simply do not yet have the “subject” (in Kurzweil it is the brain/mind)  figure out; sufficiently “mapped out”,  or even yet have much of any confidence in how the brain does Continue Reading

The question of Software in the Singularity

I saw a video interviuew with Noam Chomsky where they broached the subject of “The Singularity”,  to which Chomsky reacts somewhat dismissively as “science fiction”.  Which is true.  It IS indeed still in the category of fiction.  And Chomsky’s main concern here is that there are more pressing problems we need to solve now than some theoretical time when we Continue Reading

The Impinging of ‘The Singularity’ on a Christian Theological Ethic

Many are aware of Ray Kurzweil’s idea of “The Singularity”,  usually conceived as “That time when Humans and Machines become indistinguishable”,  which is not exactly accurate.  Kurzweil’s own subtitle of his book “The Singularity is Near”  is “When Humans Transcend Biology”,  which is a little different from the sort of “cyborgian” utopia/dystopia idea that such a claim as “indistinguishability” implies. Continue Reading

Theology in Intention Economy (and also Stuff “Too Big to Know”)

Just like I did with the Cluetrain Manifesto 14 years ago,  I continue to do today with Doc Searls  and Dave Weinberger as they continue to write and be active proponents of “Small Pieces Loosely Joined”, “Everything is Miscellaneous”, and “Too Big to Know” (Weinbeger’s subsequent books)   and “The Intention Economy” (Doc’s latest).  Each of these got my Church-Tech-Truth-Communication-Theological Continue Reading