To understand how the brain works will also take a new dimension to our thinking; yet also possible.

My stated lone objection to Kurzweil’s #Singularity thesis is that despite the obvious continuing advancement in computer capability and affordability,  simply reverse engineering the human brain still leaves us short of understanding how the brain (or “person”) takes the activity that we can measure or sense with imaging technology,  and act upon that (although we can undoubtedly also measure the “act” of responding to the information presented to the brain,  wherein lies the “intelligence” and “reaction” from a personal experience perspective?  This is the representative of kind of question I still have,  having read through the entirety of “The Singularity is Near” and starting to read “How to Create a Mind”.  Perhaps the latter will shed some additional light on this for me.

On a related note:  I just tweeted:  “I’m fully aware that this “new dimension to our thinking” is something I don’t yet understand – cuz if I did, it wouldn’t be “new” 🙂  “


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