super theological-techological nerdy places

I’m in one of those super theological-techological nerdy places today (one of those “places” of the mind/spirit) where I have, as a result, a deep sense of exile from the church AND techno-nerdism, since the two “places” rarely ever meet in either of the “other’s” domain. This really started in full form when I began working in denominational Web departments in 1997 (but I had an anticipatory taste of it when I was in my “beginning to see some major possibilities in the road ahead re: the church/online communications horizons” stage, on Ecunet in the early 90’s).

This “place” is further exacerbated in it’s isolation by my focus on the Climate Crisis and my insistence that we (as a church/people/ecclesia) MUST be engaged in a theological reformation that is restorative of ECOtheological resources; for our traditions, and for our own formation as participants in something that I can only describe as “PanENtheistic”.

This is also very much a politically revolutionary place to be, given our fossil-fuel driven “Place” of our culture’s “way of being”. The church has always been about being a contrast to “the ways of the world” to which we must “therefore, be not conformed”, but TRANSFORMED by the renewing of our mind.

There’s been something radically wrong with our (the human race)’s RACE to “growth” and assumption that it is “unlimited” (economically and technologically speaking). Get that? Me! One whom, 25 years ago, would be tagged as “techno-utopian” regarding technology and the church!


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