The Facebook Graph API Explorer found something for me

I discovered that I could get data from my Facebook timeline with the elements I want (like the links and pictures included, which the “Download ALL my Facebook” says it is doing but really doesn’t). I used the Graph API Explorer under ny account. It generates a token for me. When I do a query like so: /myID/posts?fields=story,link,message,picture,description,permalink_url,created_time&limit=9900 I get Continue Reading

Facebook API and Hootsuite users

For a few months now,  Hootsuite removes links and quoted material from posts when selecting Facebook as a recipient of the post.  These things are NOT something that Facebook itself denies from the User standpoint,  but through their API,  since I can go to the Facebook site and post such a thing as a a user.  But I’m having to copy the Continue Reading