Plugin: Live Twitter Feeds Into Powerpoint! | Digital Buzz Blog

What an idea!   A way to make Powerpoint cool again There isn’t a conference or professional gathering lately that doesn’t give a special #hashtag to the event so it can be tracked and trended on Twitter as the audience tweets about how good, bad or ugly the presentation is. I stumbled across this cool looking twitter plugin for Microsoft Powerpoint Continue Reading

Social Networking Notes

retweets (aka RT@someone )are a good source of finding new people to follow who will enhance your Twitter Friends listings,  or provide you with a Twitter Group (I use TweetDeck right now to organize my twitter streams into subject groups  I REALLY want to find a WordPress plugin that will create a hashtag for any blog post tag I use,  Continue Reading

Twitter Client Features?

t just occurred to me….are there any twitter clients with special “notification tones” (like phone ring tones)  for particular users?    THat way I could set certain sounds to “hear” when someone twitters,  or even Direct Messages me (or how about custom tones for Direct Messages,  ReTweets,  etc.?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-04

the one person was bored enough to do their nails……another was disgusted enough to twiitter……what if you had not had this "outlet" . # @jfurtado what about tweeting in church? 🙂 I know , doesn't give off quite the odor! in reply to jfurtado # @AKMA I got your twitter # My parents were married 56 years ago today. Happy Continue Reading

Google Wave could prove a threat to Facebook, Twitter?

I think these tech trends articles like this one may be missing an inportant feature/reality.  API and integration…IOW,  open social type hooks.   All will have to play.  It won’t be an issue of “moving”…only determining what your mix will be.  My Tweetdeck presently displays a mix of Twitter and Facebook.  I don’t have the MySpace hooks turned on.   I expect Continue Reading

America’s Next Great Pundit – Win a Weekly Opinions Column –

OK, this is funny.  Dan Gillmor RT’s  @markos: on the WaPO having some sort of “So You Think You Can be a Pundit?”  contest,  with the top 10 selections being “voted on”…….gimme a break.   This seems to be an attempt to show they are not quite so “stiff” and “out of it” with re:  to the Web and Social Media Continue Reading

The Borg Strikes Twitterville: No Twittering for Journalists says WaPo

So now we are discovering that people have opinions,  and that they share them with people they know.  Raju Narisetti, a WaPo editor, had some tweets recently that revealed *gasp* that he had opinions about issues. When word leaked out that he had his own opinions and was sharing them on Twitter, apparently the WaPo top brass scrambled quickly to Continue Reading

Latest version of Live Writer

Some cool things: Now you can insert a video from your computer and have it automatically published to either YouTube or Soapbox when you publish your blog. Just like before, Writer will automatically embed an in-line video in your post and publish your video when you publish the post to your blog. Writer Zone – Windows Live TWITTER NOTIFY Automatically Continue Reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-27

About 55 pages into Shel Israel's Twitterville…..good history of beginnings and several accounts of the emergence of this "conversation" # @dlature "Who many people?" Uhhh that's HOW MANY……(hiding my face) # @dlature that is, the ones who are following me…….others would have to search twitter to find my question # RT @dlature: I wonder who many people here were ever Continue Reading

Spread Your Wings- Get More Retweet Action Today

Chris mentions this in his talk in Nashville (I am still watching Gavin’s video of the first hour ……boy, I wish I had remembered to go to this!  This is great stuff!   Thanks Gavin!  (My tweet of this also menti ons that I was watching this video… I guess I shouold say “Thanks again”) Spread Your Wings- Get More Retweet Continue Reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

what is tweetshrink? Let me try it on this # tried twitpic from TweetDeck # Raining outside, just like the past 5 days # got tweetdeck installed on my home desktop….adobe air install was keeping it from installing…reinstalled AIR…it works now # Still trying to get the database settings fixed on my host provider so I can install Drupal Continue Reading