on Obama and Wright

Oh my gosh,  my blogger friends have been absolutely poetic in their blogging over this Rev. Wright issue.  Anthony is terrifically articulate (not so unusual for him):

those who are uncomfortable with the qualifier afro-centric Christian theology or black theology would do well to understand the historical and social reasons why black folks use these qualifiers.  They only reveal their racial privilege by their ignorance of why black folks have had to do theology in this light.

Here’s a truth about afro-centric theology that often goes missing in these discussions: it is a theology that seeks to re-affirm black humanity and resist the congenital effects of white Supremacist Christian culture.   It is an attempt to cure black folks  (and hopefully other folks) of racial self-hatred and ’apocalypse’ the pervasive genetic defect of white supremacy in North American Christianity.

Thoughts on Obama and Wright « Musings of a Postmodern Negro

I am so thankful to have this blogging “community” who place their devotion to the church first.

A thought I had after reading Thunder Jones and Anthony:  Is Afro-Centric theology properly understood as an “American Liberation Theology”?

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