WordPress Tag Support?

I’m a bit miffed at WordPress claiming to have added tagging to the new 2.3.  I am running 2.3, but I find that I have to add code to actually add the feature.  I expect to have a tag cloud in the sidebar and tag listings below each post.  Community Server  does this (btw,  I’m still working with getting my posts over into Community Server…it’s not quite ready with it’s importing capabilities. )  Community Server has very nice tagging features natively and working on install.  Why the heck can’t WordPress do this?  Don’t people want this out of the box?  I’m really disappointed. (what’s more,  the instructions given for using the “tag support” don’t seem to work for me.  This makes me all the more motivated to get my stuff into CS.  )

Update…..I installed the latest K2 theme, where some pieces of Tags seems to work , but only from tags entered in via the WordPress interface, like this post. I also can’t quite get what I use for before, separator, and after in the code. I have these boxes showing up, and I can’t apparently just replace the words in the function call parameters. Several things I tried caused it to error. I have to fix the new theme with my customizations under my Church of the Saviour tab (special sidebars for the chapters of a couple of books I put online here)


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