Custom Posts and WordPress Admin UI needs

I had thought I had solved the problem of all the back end coding that is STILL (after more than a year) required to use Custom Post Types. I had added a plugin called Custom Post Type UI, but apparently it doesn’t really do the back end things that would enable other apps that are supposed to play nice with custom post types to do any “nice playing” at all. I ran into this in struggling with the Press This code suggested by folks that allegedly allows one to create new bookmarklets that let one create new posts for Custom Post Types. But if my custom post types were created by the plugin, these apps tend not to work (probably looking in the usual “back end” places for info on the custom post type, but the actual Post Type registration code is tucked away somewhere that only the plugin knows about. So I’m going to have to look up the custom post type registration code and add that into my functions.php file, and then see if I can get my Press-This tweaks to work as expected.

I hope WordPress beefs up its admin tools to enable easier usage of the Custom Post Types.   I can add the registration code for the ONE type I am using thus far,  but when I get to where I want to be able to do a lot more creation of Custom Post Types and customization of the archive pages for those types,  the back end manual coding will get old.  Come on WP development community!  I hope this is in the works.

(Update:  NOPE!  That didn’t do it either.  Rats!  I’ll just have to keep looking!)  What I need:  A quick post method for Custom Post Types like Press This.  Code suggested  in forums doesn’t work.  Post still goes in as regular post and not Custom Post.  Also,  Date archive pages for custom post types,  since Calendar that includes custom post types links do not work-  since I don’t have a page that wants to show posts by date.  I also want to get to where I can set permalinks so I can access custom post types by

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