Nuns Living It – GOP not liking it #OccupyChurch #OWS #Maddow

This kind of blows their image as having Catholics on their side as well.  The nuns represent the “live it out”  segments of the church. Republicans, especially the right-wing chairman of the House Budget Committee who inspired the tour in the first place, are generally dismissive of their pleas This is what the GOP has been doing for 30+ years.  Continue Reading

“thereupon absolved from any further obedience” #OWS #OccupyTheology #OccupyChurch

John Locke,  the guy synonomous with “Reason” with revolutionary words “Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power,” wrote the philosopher John Locke, “they put themselves into a state of war with the people who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.”

America’s Street Priest by Chris Hedges #OWS #OccupyChurch

Chris Hedges in TruthDig yesterday: Trinity had the demonstrators arrested. It chose to act like a real estate company, or the corporation it has become, rather than a church. Fr. D.Berrigan: “It is up to us to take the initiative and hope the churches catch up” Berrigan believes, as did Martin Luther King, that “the evils of capitalism are Continue Reading

The Pope is Apparently not a Republican | Richard Rohr #OccupyChurch

“The world of finance, while necessary, no longer represents an instrument that favours our well-being or the life of mankind, instead it has become an oppressive power, that almost demands our adoration, mammon, the false divinity that truly dominates the world.” Who said that? A socialist? A number of the Occupy Movement? An economic advisor to President Obama? None of Continue Reading

Trinity Institute Lectures – Wall St Dialogues: Occupy as a Leap of Faith 02.01.12 #OccupyChurch

I just had a friend forward me an email he got from an acquaintance invitinghim to join “Occupy Cafe”.  So I did.  And I ran across this link to one of the organization’s people talking at Trinity Wall St. about the moral and ethical implications of the Occupy movement.  So here it is

Occupy Vocation: to make visible a diffr’t kind of world & a diff’rt kind of life together

The occupation movement has, at its heart, the unmasking and unveiling of true identity. Through the shared communal practices and liturgies of general assemblies, common language, shared music, disciplined endurance, and a willingness to suffer, Occupy Denver seeks to reclaim not only physical public space, but also, a deeper sense of communal identity. It seeks to make visible a different Continue Reading

Social Media and Movements; Social Media and Churches

The issue of the  role of social media in movements dovetails nicely into a lot of my thinking about “online church”.  I have long said  that there are several avenues INTO Church from online spaces that can and do happen.  But the “virtual space” becomes inhabited by the “physical space” as veterans from the physical spaces and events come back in via Continue Reading

A body blow for the US labour movement via@AJEnglish #OWS #OccupyChurch

“Obama didn’t want to come here to this state because he didn’t want to touch this race with a ten-foot pole. He wanted more than anything to avoid this race becoming a referendum on his presidency, because this recall election is going to affect his campaign in November,” says Ben Sparks, communications director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.” Continue Reading

Trinity Church @ WS and upcoming trial of ‘trespassers’ #OWS #OccupyTheology HT @MicahBales

@MicahBales tweeted an article from DailyKOS on continued conflict bewtween Trinity Wall St. Church. other Episcopalians,  and the #OWS movement. On June 11th, the first trials of Occupy activists accused of trespassing on church land at Canal Street and Sixth Avenue on December 17th are scheduled to begin. Activists said they hoped to establish a new encampment on the vacant lot, though Continue Reading