Developing a Theology of & for #OWS mvmt (Pt 2 of 3) #OccupyChurch

What so many don’t understand is the point made in this article:

This is a structural sin: despite best intentions, we have made it impossible to do good.  This sin must be repented of and atoned for. In drawing attention to it, the Occupy Movement is a prophetic voice.

Structural sin is so imbedded,  that the dictates of the system actually preclude an equitable, just applicaiton or “guidance” of that system.  Maximizing profits for shareholders actually works against any questioning from a moral/theological perspective.  And related, is the endless cycle of “if you don;t get re-elected,  then you can’t do anything good — begging the question of when the “re-election” pressure EVER ceases,  and the same cycle is repeated,  with ever stronger “ends justifies the means” strategies that justify themselves by appealing to self-preservation.   I hear much of the frustration with this hopeless set of affairs.  The system is sick.  Who,  if not the church, is theologically equipped to call the “principalities” of such imbedded nature  into question.  it is ,  indeed,  the “way of the  world” right now,  and so many people appeal to that “reality” as the basis for eschewing “idealism”  for what amounts to a grand acquiescence with the powers that be.

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