The Inane Meme about #OWS from the Right Wing: #OWS = Partisan Leftist Politics

I just found this in a Google search on “occupy faith church theology”  ,  under the heading “Was Jesus a Communist?”. Turns out it was an article by a right wing group,  and it fed right into their mentality of “warnings” about the “unholy” or “dangerous” evils that lurk in protest movements.

The Occupy Wall Street OWS movement, which the Left has high hopes of using to reinvigorate the effort of the 1960s to draft Jesus as the leader of the Marxist-Leninist vanguard

These people kill me.  Unable to see anything outside of partisan politics.  There is a truth out there to what constitutes justice and fairness and shalom.  But the right has moved to such a shrill extreme on the right,  that code words now automatically classify ANYTHING for them.  Fox News has seen to it that this is the norm for the political right.  They now demonize “social justice” and Glenn Beck warns his faithful that they should leave any church immediately that calls itself a “social justice church”.  I think its pretty safe to say that none of his faithful even remain in any sych churches,  since  churches who would be inclined to call themselves social justice churches would have long previously been offensive to the extreme right wing paranoia of the Glenn Beck crowd.

The meme of “OWS is a leftist front” is  all over the right wing literature and airwaves.  I recently saw a book under the heading “occupy” that turned out to be a publication from Glenn Beck TV,  and it’s thesis was just that.   Their associations of #OWS is with Obama is  particularly ignorant  of the actual ethos of Occupy.  Very very few in Occupy are happy with Obama,  and many are outright hostile.  The level of inanity to which the Right takes the heresay is staggering to anyone who takes time to read or listen.  And the radical right just laps it up.  I just saw someone insert a slam on Occupy into a discussion on baseball:  ie:  “Anyone who believes that needs  to go join Occupy”.  I opted out of saying  anything in response  to that,  given that it was a message forum on baseball.



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