A body blow for the US labour movement via@AJEnglish #OWS #OccupyChurch

“Obama didn’t want to come here to this state because he didn’t want to touch this race with a ten-foot pole. He wanted more than anything to avoid this race becoming a referendum on his presidency, because this recall election is going to affect his campaign in November,” says Ben Sparks, communications director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin.”


Oh, shut up!  The referendum was the value of THE VOTING in this country , especially post Citizen’s United.  It’s a total joke.  They (the Wisc GOP) whine about outside influences,  and suck up the bucks from outside influences.  Obama stayed out and further alienated those fighting against money in politics in this country,  and further alienated those fighting against the hubristic blitz of the GOP to remove barriers to even further curtail equality in this country (which is nearing the “snuffed out” level already).  This is such a disturbing, infuriating state of affairs ,  and Wisconsin MUST be a wak up call to what Occupy has already been warning us all: Get the money out of  politics before they rule it all.

Anyway,  the post from @AJE is the usual good coverage stuff I have come to expect from Al Jazeera English


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