Ecological crisis and income inequality

Income inequality and the Ecological Crisis go hand in hand it seems. The powerful are so drunk that they fail the reality test. My earlier years 2011-2014 as (domain is still active, ends up here) lead logically to “In 2017, the same year the United States pulled out of the Paris Agreement, the country also approved a $2.3 trillion tax cut—primarily Continue Reading

Abandoning Abundant Life

How many more “Record Storms” and “Record Floods” and “Record Wildfires” and “Record Heatwaves” and “100 year this and that” are we going to have to have before we start seeing churches , in masse, confessing as to their complicity in the biggest destruction and injustice known in human history? I’m talking sheer consequences and wide reach here, not any Continue Reading

The “Cultural Cancer” that has infested the American Church

This was just posted to the Facebook Page of “The Christian Left” For decades most “Christians” have lectured everyone around them telling them that to be a “Christian” you must be a Republican. They talk about everything that happens in culture and politics based on that belief, that right-wing ideology is the “Christian” ideology and everything else is evil, especially Continue Reading

No Is Not Enough: Lessons from the Financial Crisis and beyond

I am struck this morning, while reading Naomi Klein’s account of various uprisings in different countries being saddled with austerity/shock treatments, that our country may well have brought on the Trump phenomenon by basically missing the opportunity to self-correct ,or heed the voices crying out during the Occupy movement of 2011-2012. Five years down the road, when the camps are Continue Reading

Deep Economy is Deep Theology This is one book that I consider to be really important for the church. These models set forth in this book show how communities (“Cities set on a hill, in theological parlance) need to be working , as much as possible, toward self-sufficiency, to stem the tide of massive transportation of goods from far away places. I just noticed Continue Reading

Hillary refuses to talk transcripts AGAIN, after repeated requests to answer the question

Hillary flatly refused to answer the question about the Goldman Sachs speech transcripts, after REPEATED insistent repeating of the question (by Dana Bash. See here ). What exactly is this? Is this acceptable? It’s quite concerning if you want to place candidate transparency at any level of importance. JUST ANSWER the question, Hillary. This should be a HUGE, AWFUL demerit Continue Reading

King, The “Inconvenient Hero”, and “The Ecological Thinker”

How often we forget (and ignore) what MLK did and said and wrote AFTER 1963, after “I have a Dream”…..He moved to link the various maladies of society to the larger problem of justice; to a “Cosmic bent toward justice”; to Vietnam and violence, to Economic justice (Poor People’s March, housng in Chicago, Memphis sanitation worker’s strike), and yes, even Continue Reading