NPR should get a Pulitzer for this by @davewiner

Dave Winer highlights what ALL JOurnalists shoudl be doing with claims such as the fictions that the GOP is floating about through their drones. They’ve repeatedly been claiming that taxing small business owners prevents jobs from being created. They asked the Republicans for names of small business people they could interview that would confirm what they say. How many did they Continue Reading

Suskind interviewed on NPR about New findings re: false premises for Iraq war

The title of this NPR feature (“Ron Suskind Alleges War Fought On False Premises”)  is pretty lame.  It’s old news.  The news is that he has something else.  There are very few who will read this,  or listen to NPR,  that don’t already assume this.  The important thing here is the specifics,  that here is YET ANOTHER bit of evidence Continue Reading

Thomas Frank’s Indictment Of Conservatism : NPR

Listen Now [19 min 49 sec] add to playlist by Wendy Edelberg Thomas Frank was awarded a Lannan Literary Fellowship in 2004. Henry Holt and Company Fresh Air from WHYY, August 4, 2008 · Social critic Thomas Frank examines the modern conservative movement and its excesses in his new book, The Wrecking Crew. Conservative politicians complain that big government does Continue Reading

A People’s History Documentary Coming

I was really glad to see this.  I happened to be googling for an audio clip from Good Will Hunting of Will’s character (Matt Damon) telling the therapist Sean (Robin Williams) that Zinn’s book will “f*****g knock you on your ass” ,  and I saw that NPR had run this report just this past week: ‘People’s History’ Film Project Draws Continue Reading