NPR should get a Pulitzer for this by @davewiner

Dave Winer highlights what ALL JOurnalists shoudl be doing with claims such as the fictions that the GOP is floating about through their drones. They’ve repeatedly been claiming that taxing small business owners prevents jobs from being created.

They asked the Republicans for names of small business people they could interview that would confirm what they say. How many did they get? Zero. They also asked some of the lobbying groups that say the same thing. Again, no introductions. So they went online and looked for some small business people to interview, and got the same answer over and over. They played the interviews. It was inspiring! They’re trying to win, in business, not win in taxes. When they have a chance to grow — they grow, and they don’t worry about whether they’ll pay more or less taxes. A couple of them said taxes are too low and they worry about the country, and they would happily pay more.

via Scripting News: NPR should get a Pulitzer for this.

Yes,  I heartily agree.  NPR, in this matter,  is the model of what good journalism should do with such claims.  The Left-Right, point counterpoint “debates” that set up this “here’s one side” and then “here’s the other side” makes no effort to verify the claims.

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