A Sign of the “Doctrinally Pure” #bookburning

Book burnings.  King James Version worship.  Mother Teresa?  What did she write that would make her a heretic?  Possibly some hint of criticism of “faith” over “works”?  These people seem to think they “do God’s will” by taking on the spiritual arrogance and self-proclaimed “purity” of their leaders.  They do it today by also adopting the political allegiances of their Continue Reading

a micropolitics of subversion?

I’d ditto this for Jim Wallis and his latest 3 or 4 books Very simply, if “the kingdom of God” cannot be separated from “the King,” this places a renewed emphasis on the local church as being the instrument of a new politics, the politics of justice, righteousness and social renewal. It is indeed these people, called out ahead of Continue Reading

McLaren: Good News for Southern Baptists

As apt as I ma to rant about the negative stuff I see in SBC life,  this is indeed a corrective turn in the right direction I frequently hear from young Southern Baptists who express deep frustration with the ethos and image projected by some of their leaders in recent years: they want their denomination to rise above the old Continue Reading