‘Occupy church’ next? World Net Daily shows its Nationalist Theology NOT #occupytheology but #occupiedtheology

Thought I’d include this item,  from the Fundamentalist World Net Daily,  as an example of the Low rung of the church response I blogged about earlier.


I especially like this:

Wallis reportedly is a spiritual adviser to Obama and has known the president for years.

That just seals it doesn’t it?  Any association with Obama,  and God forbid,  a “spirtual adviser”  (and I think that’s supposed to be spelled “advisor”)  , is all they need to say to their audience.

Wallis is a socialist activist who has championed communist causes and previously labeled the U.S. “the great captor and destroyer of human life.

The nerve of Jim Wallis,  questioning the tactics and results of US policy.  Again,  getting their base stirred up.  Blasphemy! Anti-US! and horrors!  Anti-Capitalist!

And here:

Wallis began his activism as a protester and then later Michigan leader of the Students for a Democratic Society, the 1960s anti-war group from which Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization splintered.

A favorite meme of the Right Wing:  associating Ayers with all radicals.  Not to mention the association of violence with ALL protest moevments,  regardless of  how often they form their protest as based on non-violence.

I actually have to feel sorry for these people in their ignorance.  The self-righteousness makes it hard.  And the waste of spiritual energy makes it appalling.  If they channeled such energy into LIVING and actual conditions to which God doubtless sheds many tears,  rather than in standing on the sidelines,  what might we get done then?

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