A conversation with Bill Maher – Charlie Rose

This is a really good interview.   I like Bill Maher a lot,  except for one thing.  He’s very much like Christopher Hitchens in his attitudes and apparent perspectives on religious people.  He is totally dismissive and pigeon-hole/ing toward them.  I would love to have a conversation with him on that score,  because I appreciate so much of the other things Continue Reading

United Methodist Reporter Blog: A new ‘Compass’ wrinkle

These “action” groups that think they’re being moral watchdogs really need to get a life.  (Or pay attention to the one they are neglecting by getting all up in arms about this “story written by an avowed atheist”). After calls from the New York-based Catholic League to boycott the film, the church’s official reviewing office gives it a thumbs up. Continue Reading

Plundering Iraq

The following from the aforementioned Klein article is a little-reported bit of evidence of the “free market” shock being undertaken in Iraq. There are seventeen state-owned cement factories across the country, but most are idle or working at only half capacity. According to the Ministry of Industry, not one of these factories has received a single contract to help with Continue Reading

Brits leave Basra, violence drops

The change can be summed up in 4 simple words: troops leave, violence drops As the deafening hubbub of propaganda drowns out every attempt to talk real policy change on Iraq, this simple descriptive formula–troops leave, violence drops–cuts through it all. How 4 Words From Basra Will Change Everything DUHHHH ,  Bush! DUHHH Cheney!  Of course,  they don’t really give Continue Reading

No End in Sight . NOW | PBS

A PBS exploration of the film No End IN Sight on NOW.  The DVD is out this past week (I may order it as well) (I really miss the Amazon plugin I used to have for WordPress.  LiveWriter REALLY needs a good one.  The one out now doesn’t search DVD’s, apparently.) About the Show Video: No End in Sight Nearly Continue Reading

Zizek and Evangelicals in America: A Proposal, by David Fitch

Some really interesting and intriguing thoughts from David Fitch For Zizek, cultural symbolic orders exist to advocate certain purposes and legitimizations for being. They are in one sense ideologies. These meaning systems "mask the Real of" an absence which no one wants to face up to (Sublime Object p. 45). For instance, the U.S. "shock and awe" bombing and invasion Continue Reading

Nuclear hypocrisy | Salon.com

  It seems that I’m seeing this from Bush more and more as he exhibits this exasperation toward his questioners when they challenge the administration’s view of things.  He poses the "you either agree with our approach or you’re just contributing to what we say will happen if you don’t let us do what we think will prevent it". His Continue Reading