A conversation with Bill Maher – Charlie Rose

This is a really good interview.   I like Bill Maher a lot,  except for one thing.  He’s very much like Christopher Hitchens in his attitudes and apparent perspectives on religious people.  He is totally dismissive and pigeon-hole/ing toward them. 

I would love to have a conversation with him on that score,  because I appreciate so much of the other things that infuriate him for many of the same reasons they infuriate me.  But the basis of my infuriation is ultimately theological,  and so my irritation with Maher when he rants on religion is something more than something I can dismiss.  I guess I can forgive him because it is out of ignorance and what seems to be an obvious lack of good models in the arena of church folks.  I guess the same can be said for Christopher Hitchens.

But here it is. Enjoy.  He doesn’t do hardly any religion bashing…just a hint of it when he mentioned how, instead of actually knowing anything about Iraq,  “he prayed” –making the point that instead of getting some knowledge of the people,  he relied on his “gut”,  which Maher puts on an equal par with prayer.  Not that I am inclined to think that with Bush,  he’s not too far off,  because I’m not sure at all about the depth of Bush’s immersion in the fundamentalist Christian movement so many “Church and State-ers” are up in arms about and warning us about Bush’s alliance with “Left Behind” apocalyptic views.  I have never heard Bush demonstrate or articulate ANYTHING that sounds like authentic fundamentalist evangelism.  His articulations seem totally scripted and use generic theological language that does not sound like the fundamentalist evangelicals I have known (and I have known plenty,  and was once one of them).

A conversation with Bill Maher


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A conversation with Bill Maher – Charlie Rose


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