Atheism, Islam and liberalism: This is what we are really fighting about @Salon by @andohehir

Yes, Reza,  this is a good one.  Finally someone who understands that “sacred texts” are not always taken literally.  It is something an adolescent can understand,  but somehow there are those to whom that simple idea seems lost.  You tell them that,  they say “sure, I understand that”,  and then they are right back at it,  quoting and characterizing the Continue Reading

Bill Maher now apparently tired of #OWS 2-3-12. My responses.

This is really disappointing to see and hear.  I saw tweets to this effect last night,  that Maher had bad mouthed #OWS,  and now I heard  it on this video (and read the transcript) ….Just as Bill tends to get a bit cyncial and testy about religion,  he’s going to say what he thinks at just about any moment. Wes Continue Reading

Answer the Question!

Hillary’s campaign manager simply cannot answer the questions….watch YouTube – Real Time Terry McAuliffe Interview March 7, 2008 I swear,  if people just sat and listened to these folks….Hillary IS a MONSTER.  This strategy of hers is disgusting,  and women who are for Hillary because she’s a woman (that is SO LAME)  need to ask themselves if anything is worth Continue Reading

A conversation with Bill Maher – Charlie Rose

This is a really good interview.   I like Bill Maher a lot,  except for one thing.  He’s very much like Christopher Hitchens in his attitudes and apparent perspectives on religious people.  He is totally dismissive and pigeon-hole/ing toward them.  I would love to have a conversation with him on that score,  because I appreciate so much of the other things Continue Reading