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A PBS exploration of the film No End IN Sight on NOW.  The DVD is out this past week (I may order it as well) (I really miss the Amazon plugin I used to have for WordPress.  LiveWriter REALLY needs a good one.  The one out now doesn’t search DVD’s, apparently.)

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Video: No End in Sight

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Nearly four years after President Bush declared an end to combat in Iraq, the country is still fraught with daily casualties, costly commitments, and an ongoing debate on how to end the violence. How did it come to this?
This week, NOW’s David Brancaccio speaks with two very different, but unforgettable men who allege that U.S. bungling in Iraq created and fueled the deadly insurgency. Paul Hughes, a retired Army colonel, was part of the transition team after the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He says key decisions were made that ignored the realities of Iraq. Omar Fekeiki was a Washington Post reporter and translator who risked his life to help U.S. journalists.

No End in Sight . NOW | PBS


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