Conservative Bible Project Adopts Biblical Criticism (via @craigadams49)

From a tweet by craigadams49 In an AP article on the “Conservative Bible Project” The Gospel of Luke records that, as he was dying on the cross, Jesus showed his boundless mercy by praying for his killers this way: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Not so fast, say contributors to the Conservative Bible Project. The Continue Reading

A Sign of the “Doctrinally Pure” #bookburning

Book burnings.  King James Version worship.  Mother Teresa?  What did she write that would make her a heretic?  Possibly some hint of criticism of “faith” over “works”?  These people seem to think they “do God’s will” by taking on the spiritual arrogance and self-proclaimed “purity” of their leaders.  They do it today by also adopting the political allegiances of their Continue Reading

New Conservative Bible will eliminate ‘liberal’ text | | The Tennessean

Putting into print what they already EDIT/ALTER in their “Bible”.  Hat tip to Ken Sloane [Andy] Schlafly, the son of national political activist Phyllis Schlafly, says a conservative Bible should be masculine, for example, using the words mankind and man rather than more inclusive language. It also should shun terms like laborer or comrade. It also should put a free Continue Reading

Fighting ‘Bibliolatry’ at the Evangelical Theological Society

via Ryan Beiler,  pointing to Ted Olsen’s comments on J.P. Moreland’s “How Evangelicals Became Over-Committed to the Bible and What Can Be Done About It.” Ryan observes: It’s refreshing to hear such criticism coming from within the evangelical academy. Ted Olsen describes how theologian J.P. Moreland challenged the Evangelical Theological Society with a session called: "How Evangelicals Became Over-Committed to Continue Reading