The Capitalist Hubris of BP (HT to @ericaustinlee) #oilspill

Reading an article this morning from Naomi Klein (author of The Shock Doctrine) about the absolute propensity of big business for self deception. In this case,  it’s BP and the spill.  This portion speak volumes: These priorities go a long way towards explaining why the initial exploration plan that BP submitted to the federal government for the ill-fated Deepwater Horizon Continue Reading

8 Years Wasted

Bill Maher had Jeffrey Sachs on via satellite talking about what to do with our energy crisis,  and basically, we have to get these dicks out of office for one.  How the American people are so gullible and naive as to think that oil people are going to get us going in the direction of alternative energy is a mystery.  Continue Reading

McLaren: Good News for Southern Baptists

As apt as I ma to rant about the negative stuff I see in SBC life,  this is indeed a corrective turn in the right direction I frequently hear from young Southern Baptists who express deep frustration with the ethos and image projected by some of their leaders in recent years: they want their denomination to rise above the old Continue Reading

Ethics Southern Baptist Leader Attacks Gore, Says Christians Should Save Souls, Not the Earth

It’s been a while since I came down on Al,  but I just couldn’t resist when I saw this: The president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary said on Friday’s “Albert Mohler Radio Program” that he takes a “middle position” on global warming. He believes the evidence shows the earth is warming and that human activity is at least a contributing Continue Reading