Outsourcing Charity

From Dan,   once again (really a great series on Christianity and Capitalism)

Christians, following the “preferential option” exercised by God, and the life-trajectory established by Jesus, must learn to share life together with the poor. In order to grasp just how much this differs from the charity that is affirmed by capitalism, we must come to recognize the ways in which the Christian community has, by and large, outsourced the practice of charity to “professionals” and “social workers.”

David Fitch affirms this as well in his book The Great Giveaway as does also a chapter in Schools for Conversion: 12 Marks of a New Monasticism (I use the quote in this post: Brokering.  This is also the major theme of the booklet from the Church of the Saviour,  Becoming the Authentic Church,  which I have reproduced here under the Church of the Saviour tab (whoops, I just noticed my table of contents on that page is no longer there…….probably happened my last upgrade…..here’s the direct link to Becoming the Authentic Church   I’ll have to fix my top level page for COS)

Source: poserorprophet: Christianity and Capitalism Part IX: Missional Sharing (Life Together with the Poor)

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