I’ve been listening to the unabridged audiobook of Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistible Revolution,  and it is causing all sorts of resistance in me.  It’s great,  but it’s also troubling,  because I feel totally aware of how my theology is SO NOT my life.  And it isn’t Shane that communicates this.  Shane is about as un-judgmental as it gets.  It helps to HEAR him TELL this book instead of reading it. 

Shane mentions several times how Jesus “messed up” his plans and turned his life upside down and upset all his notions.  And while he’s at it,  he is always placing this in the “locale” of the church,  and how interdependent we are upon each other to be “gathered” to this call. 

I’ve been listening to this as I drive to and from work and on a few errands here and there this week. It was my first selection in my membership,  which I found via looking up this book on Amazon to see if there might be an e-book,  but the audio book has proven to be the best format for me.  But it seems that now that I’m half way through it, I’m going to want the print version.  The audible membership came with the perk of a $100 gift certificate to Crutchfield,  which carries ipods,  so I got myself a 4gb nano for half price.  I made CDs of the audiobook,  since I got it about 3 days before the iPod arrived this past Thursday.  But it’s also now on the ipod in case I want to kick back somewhere when I’m not on the way to somewhere in the car.   Since my car has a nifty audio in jack,  I can stick audio recordings,  music and theology-talk on it and listen to it through the car audio system. 

So now I have all this shiny new stuff (car, ipod, etc.) and I’m listening to Shane Claiborne and wondering how ,where,  when,  and whether I’m going to be able to break through.  And to top it all off, Dan’s (poserorprophet) posts this past week are hitting me via the blogosphere with the same theme. 

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