The hugely massive FAIL of social media companies.

It’s a huge FAIL on the part of Social Media companies that our content is not ALL instantly available to us, forever. Facebook in particular. They (Facebook) were once very open in their API, and made it simple to save posts and comments to blogs, and vice versa. And , by many of the same mechanisms, interoperable, so that posts in one place went instantly to others, including comment links or the comments themselves. I would have loved to have everything I’ve ever posted right at my fingertips, in a database such as that which WordPress creates. I would do all of my posts in that interface, and it’s mobile app(s), and they would go instantly to my other chosen accounts in other systems, and interactions on any system would come back to me via WordPress imports/notifications, and all my video would be available via links from any of the other systems, originating on YouTube.

It was a great frustration to me that Google failed so miserably at Social Media content and the potential ecosystem they could have built that spanned EVERYTHING the users linked to it. It’s puzzling that they were so bad at it. They seemed to be so unchallengeable in almost any internet communication task. Then Facebook got “too big for their britches”, and began failing at the same time they began restricting (and RETRACTING) and retreating into silo-ism, this massively lowering their advantage as a Social Media hub.)

Very disillusioning at first. Now just an expected, unsurprising capitulation to cheap, insufficient communication.

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