Treat the Crisis like a Crisis, Not Just Some Abstract Theory

What is it with the Church denominations on the Climate Crisis? The coverage seems to be be declining rather than taking a sharp turn upward and beginning to act like they understand what’s at stake. This is a colossal ethical problem. To stay out of the issue in their coverage is tantamount to a blasphemous bow to the forces of Continue Reading

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My comments to an article about a “religious trends” survey

The survey was linked from at Some day one of these “religious surveys” might begin to get the picture that there is a massive upsurge in new efforts within churches and ecumenical organizations to respond as People of God to the epoch-sized crisis our civilization has precipitated. It is , in fact, far beyond doubt that we as a Continue Reading

The “angry” characterization of Bernie supporters really makes me angry

I’m so sick of “Emo Prog”, “angry” characterizations, which leave me feeling that it is “politically uncorrect” to be angry at what has happened to our bought and sold “Democracy” (and there,  I revealed my own ANGER.  Please set aside your “measured” position and look at just why this anger exists,  and spare me the argument that it is “extreme”, Continue Reading

The denial of Denial in the Church

One could say that it has been 25 years since the world has really begun to hear the most pressing concerns of the Climate Science community. Since then, we really don’t have any excuses for how long we’ve allowed things to simply continue (to continue systematically poisoning the ecosystem in unprecedented ways; “unprecedented” in the history of the planet. Continue Reading

What SHOULD be the biggest issue at the UMC’s General Conference 2016

This morning, I commeneted on yet another UMNS articl.e about the UMC’s upcoming General Conference 2016, and the “Preview to General Conference debate on homosexuality” (or, the “Continuation of the same debates” on homosexuality, while avoiding and pushing aside the far deeper danger and peril of the Climate Crisis”). I wrote this: Speaking of “trust the authority of Scripture”, what Continue Reading