Oh, for a functioning Justice Department

Today Trump tweets in support of voter intimidation. We really need a functioning AG and justice department. But then , again, Holder (Obama’s AG) was relatively impotent when it came to all the voting shenanigans and corruptions that took place during that administration. What happened was little different than what sent federal officers to the south to confront voting rights Continue Reading

Trump endangers his own entourage

The demonic Trump, strutting his evil. It keeps on getting “better” (iow, “increasingly evil” ) Some people laugh at me calling this “evil”, as if it’s some partisan rage. No, this is EVIL. Few better examples than the kind of oblivious narcissism here. This photo is obscene. Look at Trump, getting an ego fill up waving at randos. Look at Continue Reading

Choice of “status quo” or insane denial and destruction

How did we get here? On the one hand, we have this: “Mr Biden has rejected the Utopian ideas of the left.” During an ongoing Ecological Crisis and a pandemic. I don’t find that encouraging at all. What kind of economic woes will we have if we continue to slow-walk/kick the can down the road? Even so, we are faced Continue Reading

The covid “hoax” that Trumpsters say Trump didn’t mean

Does someone want to explain to me that this hubub about how Trump DID NOT refer to the virus as a hoax when he said “This is the Democrats new hoax” — and instead, really meant their POLITICIZING it— is any different from communicating that RESPONDING to the hoax with any caution at all is effectively THE SAME THING? I’ve Continue Reading

The “chillers”: what “blasphemy” is all about

This is what “blasphemy” is all about: Not using the word “God” or “Jesus” along with cuss words, but claiming to be Christian and then living as though that means nothing (an insight I heard long ago from a theological hero of mine, Clarence Jordan. ) Relating to this quote, the “chiilers” are the blasphemers. HT Steve Peck