Our “Independence Day”

I am thinking that our churches need to be thinking about how to craft a message that has any shot at communicating the enormity of the ethical implications of the Climate Crisis. I am thinking about , on this July 4, about the speech made by the fictional President (played by Bill Pullman) in the film “independence Day”, and his Continue Reading

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Between a #Trump and a hard place

I keep feeling the need to reiterate how CLOSE I am in thinking about the Trump/Clinton either/or choice to that of many of my friends who have decided that the risk of a Trump presidency is just too great to leave to chance, and therefore advocate for Clinton as THE alternative. For me, the line there is made up of Continue Reading

Identifying as “Ecological Churches”

If churches can identify themselves as “Bible-believing” Churches ,or “Active in the Community”, “Reconciling (referring to their acceptance of GLBTQ members) , or “Justice” Churches, or constantly reveal their falling in line with the Christian Right by emphasizing, on a constant basis, thier “opposition” to the various lists of things on the Christian Right “Disapproval” items such as Gun Control, Continue Reading

The “distraction” of “NOT Trump”

I see it happening every day, in almost EVERY article now. We are all day, all channels, “Not-Trump” and what this does is ensure that we aren’t thinking about the Climate Crisis. Even though it is immensely obvious that Trump represents a lot of darkness, it is also spreading the dark cloud of Climate Crisis Denial to just continue on Continue Reading

“Lesser of two evils” vs Ecological Apocalypse

I fully understand the fear of the Trump. I too fear that. But I also fear the art of the no-win situation; the “lesser-of-two-evils” that keeps us in a grid-lock that benefits no one but the most powerful, and continues to condemn millions to misery, poverty, and death. Something HAS to happen to stop it. I have seen many kindred Continue Reading

No hyperbole. Really.

To the many “Facebook friends” and Theoblogical/EcoEcclesia  Blog readers who see my frequent and often postings on our Ecological Crisis, and my insistence that we are in dire need of a Reformation that is as significant (even MORE, actually) and far-reaching and culture-shaping as that of the Protestant Reformation, and you want to tell me I’m being a bit over-dramatic Continue Reading

Hillary Dem nomination not good news for the planet

Hillary made it abundantly clear that she has next to no identification with the massive independent movement that the Sanders campaign brought into the DNC. Her responses to the Sanders campaign were horrendous, condescending, and revealing of how dangerously establishment she is. She has revealed how neocon international ideology has been adopted into the playbook of “liberal”. It obliterates the Continue Reading

The “lesser of two evils”, Hillary/Trump and the Climate Crisis

I’ve often entertained and contemplated the questions surrounding what happens if we don’t “rally around Hillary”. Hillary and her supporters have claimed that it is like voting for Trump. Many Sanders supporters are supporters precisely because they are (myself included) are saying “Enough is enough”. And when faced with the possibility that a big drop in Democratic support might well Continue Reading