History of Race is much like the history of Earth

A “checkered past” and continued denial in the present Much like the uproar about CRT, is the pushback on the idea that humans have ushered in the Anthropocene. The systemic buildup of CO2 in our atmosphere, coupled with the accompanying extractive and disruptive technologies that have damaged soil, coral reefs, and wetlands, and clear cut for pastures to feed our Continue Reading

“to work at this work alone is to fail”

“We need to help each other. Consumer-based approaches and “simple things” lists tend to reinforce our sense that the only sphere in which we can act is our own little private lives, and that isolates us. But the isolation we all sometimes feel in the face of the magnitude of the problems is itself a major part of the problem. Continue Reading

We need a “Bright Green” Revolution

“We don’t need lite green fashions. We need a bright green revolution. To really change the world we need to hand out real tools: rugged, free, collaborative tools for understanding the world and our role in it, for seeing the systems in which we are trapped; tools for learning how to work together to either transform those systems or destroy Continue Reading

Reframing Thanksgiving: An Opportunity For Reconstruction

From Brad Davis on the blog at Accidental Tomatoes: Later this week I’ll make the approximately thirty-mile drive south to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with my family. Once there we’ll do what we always do: gather around the dinner table to partake in a royal feast, watch football (in between the dozing off stemming from gastrological overdose), and tell stories Continue Reading

Example of “take away our freedom/ruin our economy” nonsense of the Right. Covid and Climate are two peas in a pod for them.

“both religions seek to undermine America, her economy, Constitution, and way of life, taking liberty and freedom away from Americans, replaced with a top-down command and control government dictating our every behavior. Globalism is the goal, a great reset, or a one-world government, controlled by the self-appointed elites who rule over the masses. This is hardly the message taught by Continue Reading

All of the comedic Facebook jokes happening, and as I watch the above, and laugh (cuz Colbert is funny)….I also cringe a little when I see how some of the “blame” for the sociopathic “enflaming” going on is a matter of “the world” expressing itself “writ large” by the microscope and archiving of this human garbage spewing. Do we take Continue Reading

The “Good News” of the Eco-centric Kingdom

Found this gem in a Kindle sample of a book I had not noticed enough to look into what it may offer: It would take more than five earths for everyone on the planet to consume as much as the average person in the USA.1 But is the average privileged consumer even finding an abundance of joy, love, peace, and Continue Reading

My destination

Addendum to my previous post about my seeking a “next interim step”: a place to hang my hat and/or “lay my head” as I continue the much elongated interim journey to my “low-to-no-carbon-footprint” lifestyle. the 15 months (the last of which is this one, March 2021) . I have been an “1801 resident” have been a much needed “cushion” for Continue Reading

Immanent move from 1801

My good friend Larry Bourgeois created a Facebook “ask for recommendations” page a couple days ago, and I posted this under it a few minutes ago: Thank you Larry, for this initiative in “sounding the call” to fill this “niche” in my ongoing journey’s transitional time. I will make one small correction/clarification: it wouldn’t need to be more than 1 Continue Reading

Being “Volun-told” to offer up Eco-Lenten reflection

This past Sunday night, I was asked in a Zoom Meeting of a Church Community I have been attending, since soon after the pandemic began, if I might provide some reflection on the Ecological angles for Lent. As that meeting had been taking place, and the group leader/facilitator Joe Webb was asking participants about how they might contribute (as he Continue Reading

Facebook failing content creators who assumed their content was easily retrievable

Facebook has really botched user friendliness, for anyone who wished to search for something in their own timeline. That’s pathetic. It’s bad enough that users don’t really have access to their own timeline data without having a PhD level technical degree in the Facebook graph (and even then, their idea of what data belongs to the user who is the Continue Reading