“mourn with those who mourn” @FaithInFerguson via Medium #FergusonTheology

Theology for the tragedy of unjust and unwarranted violence Saint Paul tells us just this, “mourn with those who mourn, rejoice with those who rejoice”. It is in bearing one another’s heartache that we are moved towards justice and compassion. But if in the midst of suffering and grief we emerge unchanged, clothed not in resurrected newness, then we’ve failed Continue Reading

Right Wing, Culture Warriors and Trolls

I just saw that God’s Politics blog has moved off of Belief Net and back to the Sojo servers,  and I see that in their comments section,  they have the same problem I see on many many group efforts to provide some “Social Networking”:  a huge mass of trolling characters.   This seems to be prevalent among right wing folks,  taking Continue Reading