Right Wing, Culture Warriors and Trolls

I just saw that God’s Politics blog has moved off of Belief Net and back to the Sojo servers,  and I see that in their comments section,  they have the same problem I see on many many group efforts to provide some “Social Networking”:  a huge mass of trolling characters.   This seems to be prevalent among right wing folks,  taking some sort of crusade mentality into the blogosphere.  For instance,  on this post,  the article elicits a comment by someone who obviously posts adversarial content on anything their “sniffers” tell them smells ” liberal” .  Here,  in this sample,  the interaction takes a divergence immediately as the poster quips about France’s rejoicing that Obama won  (implying that the U.S. is now a wimp country and aligned with the “wimp” countries).  Anyway,  WHATEVER the topic,  the trolling gets pretty bad on all kinds of larger faith group sites,  just like it did when Sojo was on Belief Net,  and on sites that are run by mainline denominations.

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God’s Politics: A Blog by Jim Wallis & Friends

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