Rove Ducks Denial

Can you believe this guy,  or the Bushies who defend this sort of nonsense?  What kind of legal cover-my-ass mumbo jumbo is it to flat out refuse to say “Yes,  I deny making that contact”? Rove’s Non-Denial Denial On This Week this morning George Stephanopoulos asked Karl Rove if he denied contacting the Justice Department prosecuting former Alabama Gov. Don Continue Reading

Bush and Rove are Don Siegelman Times 100 (or more)

Josh has the embedded video and the scoop on the 60 minutes story Got your popcorn? If it’s too early for that, a cup of coffee will do. Last night 60 Minutes finally aired its segment on the Don Siegelman case, and here it is, in all its 9-minute glory Muckraker | Talking Points Memo | Today’s Must Read This Continue Reading