Bush and Rove are Don Siegelman Times 100 (or more)

Josh has the embedded video and the scoop on the 60 minutes story

Got your popcorn? If it’s too early for that, a cup of coffee will do. Last night 60 Minutes finally aired its segment on the Don Siegelman case, and here it is, in all its 9-minute glory

Muckraker | Talking Points Memo | Today’s Must Read

This one case is such hypocrisy, forwarded by the most scandalously “bribing” administration ever (to how many totally unqualified people have they given administration positions? )  Bush should be given 7 years for every one.  Of course,  he’d pardon himself.

‘Course we all know that 60 minutes is a “liberal media” propaganda channel. Right?



from Dan Abrams

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