Rove Ducks Denial

Can you believe this guy,  or the Bushies who defend this sort of nonsense?  What kind of legal cover-my-ass mumbo jumbo is it to flat out refuse to say “Yes,  I deny making that contact”?

Rove’s Non-Denial Denial

On This Week this morning George Stephanopoulos asked Karl Rove if he denied contacting the Justice Department prosecuting former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman. He responded with a textbook non-denial denial. Here’s the video …

Let’s do something , media folks.  Keep asking Rove the quesiton,  and then say “No,no,no,no…,  don’t say ‘three things’,  say ONE thing: YES or NO. Other than that,  get the hell out of here you slimy worm”

Talking Points Memo: Rove’s Non-Denial Denial


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